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Victoria británica

After five days of intense racing, the British boat Ngoni, property of Tony Buckingham was crowned 2014 Soto 40 International Class champion, after achieving a second place in the last race in Valencia. Noticia IV – Burriana Nova, property of Luis Martín Cabiedes finished second position, followed by Pedro Mendonça’s Bigamist.

World Cmapionship Soto40 OD 2014

The last and decisive race started at 1:05 with an 11 knots wind at 120°. The Chilean boat Santander made a great start and was the first to cross the finish line, achieving its first victory in the championship after a week in which the South American crew showed that they are good and they can get used to Valencia’s racing conditions. Ngoni arrived second position, while Glen Ellen XXII overcame Earlybird in the last part of the race, proving that the boats are truly evenly matched.

After 10 races, the British boat finished top position overall with 27 points. Noticia IV, the only one with chances to the crown, ended seven points behind, while Bigamist finally overcame the Portuguese boat Uon and achieved the first position of the podium. John Kostecki, tactician of the winning boat, said: “It’s nice to win a world championship! Today it was a good race for us, the guys and the boats did a nice job all week and it’s nice to win. The hardest part is getting good results consistently. It was a tricky good fleet, everybody is very good in this fleet so probably the most difficult part was getting consistent and good starts at the start line. The race area was excellent, it’s a very nice race course. I’m familiar with it from America’s Cup sailing and so is a lot of our crew, so it was fun to be back on that course and it was great sailing”.

World Cmapionship Soto40 OD 2014

In addition, the Portuguese José Caldeira and its Uon won the Owner Driver trophy. “We feel great, we achieved our goals. There are two groups, the first four and the last four; we were struggling among the first ones. And I can say that the ones ahead are really good. It’s been a good week, optimal from a sailing point of view and a very good one from our boat’s point of view”, described Caldeira, who is the new President of the European Soto 40 Association. And he added: “Now we have to push the fleet, our main objective is to find two more boats so we can have here in Europe ten boats. Then we’d like to show the boat to the ORC and IRC fleet in order to add more people to the Class. We’ll also evaluate the possibility of going to the Worlds that will be held in Brazil next year as well as promote more exchange between the European and South American fleet”.

World Cmapionship Soto40 OD 2014

The ceremony was presented by Paul Ferrer and the new president of the European Association Soto40, José Caldeira. The trophies were presented by D. Julian Vico Rentero, President RCN Valencia, Mr. Rafael Chirivella Blanes, Vice President FVCV, Don Salvador Bayarri Aigues, CEO of RCN Valencia Sailing, Mr. Gustavo Benavent, Manager La Marina Real Juan Carlos I, James D. Fernández Pons Beer Flight height I turn off our thirst during the event and Mr. Ignacio Triay Cardell, outgoing Chairman European Soto 40 Owners Association.


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Huge expectation

We’ve arrived at the penultimate competition day in a world championship that confirmed the equality of the eight crews and boats of the fleet. Alegre and Noticia IV were today’s winners. The Spanish boat also reduced its distance from Ngoni, which is still top position overall with 25 points.

World Cmapionship Soto40 OD 2014

The eighth race of the day started at 1:05 pm with a 12 knots SE wind that gradually moved to the East, reason why the Race Committee had to change the windward mark. The champion of this race was Andrés Soriano’s Alegre, which made a very good start and took the lead from the beginning of the race. Antonio Piris, Alegre’s pitman, who is also tactician of the Soto 40 Mitsubishi in Chile and has made three America’s Cup campaigns as well as two Volvo Ocean Race, described: “The first race of the day was good, we’ve done easy starts in this championship, but then we realized that it wasn’t working properly and that the fleet that chose the left side had more chances, so today we had the idea of fighting that position. And we made it without trouble. That’s what took us to the right side of the course and helped us to make an easy race. It’s a pity we didn’t notice that before!”. Luis Martín Cabiedes’ Noticia IV and Tony Buckingham’s Ngoni arrived second and third position, respectively.

The wind increased up to 16 knots at the beginning of the second race of the day. After a General Recall, the boats set off at 2:38 pm. Pedro Mendonça’s Bigamist leaded the fleet until the last gybe, when the Spanish Soto 40, with Laureano Wizner as tactician, managed to cross the finish line in the first position, adding its second victory. José María “Pichu” Torcida, helmsman of Noticia IV, said: “We are happy. Today we had very good starts. In the second race we made a really good start, we reached the windward in first position, after Bigamist, we kept our position in the first downwind and the next reach was evenly match. Bigamist, on the left side, managed to overcome us. In the last downwind we chose the left side of the course, in which we thought we’d find more pressure. And finally we overcame Bigamist and finished first”.

There’s nothing decided yet. The British boat Ngoni leads with 25 points but Noticia IV is near him with three points of difference. The silver medal is between the Portuguese Bigamist and Uon. Tomorrow, with only one race left, we’ll watch a movie final in Valencia’s waters.

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